Who does not like being in the clouds?
High…high in the clear blue sky.
To float on the gentle wind.
And to look ... at all the little things down there.
And also to listen ... to heavenly music,
the most beautiful Mozart notes.
And to fly ... higher and higher.
In the blue sky.
To finally arrive:
In the House in the clouds

The most beautiful place on earth

in cooperation with: Cultura Nova
Director: Frans Van der Aa
Text: Raf Walschaerts, Frans Van der Aa & Don Fabulist
performers: Bastiaan Vandendriessche & Hazel Lam (doekacrobate)
Scenography: Tim Scheffer
Costumes: Kathleen Moers
Light: Koen Bellens

Technician: Mattias Sercu / Peter Van Hoof
Production leader: Katrijn Respeel
Pictures: Jeroen Vanneste


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