Company History

4Hoog started out in 1997 as a production company for children’s theatre. Since 2009 Frans Van der Aa functions as artistic director. Apart from our regular team we also work with freelance theatre creators and/or artists. The artistic output is the result of constant interaction between Van der Aa and freelance theatre creators. We enquire about their interest to produce a creation aimed at the target age of 4Hoog (children from 3 till 12 years old). On the basis of this enquiry we decide whether to cooperate or not. We opt for performances that grow from conversations, from an energy between 4Hoog and the artists. Again and again, the results are passionate searches on artistic paths that haven’t been taken before. Nevertheless we still keep our experience in our backpack. Not without safeguard, but by daring, jumping and doing!

“We shouldn’t be wondering whether children need art and music and stories and poems any more than wondering whether plants need water.”

Philip Pullman, UK (source)

Company Objective

4Hoog finds it important to give performing arts aimed at children and toddlers a valued position in the artistic scene and 4Hoog fights for its artistic recognition. We achieve this by working with professionally trained actors who create and perform with great expertise and enthusiasm for the smallest children. We find it important to excite (young) theatre creators for these productions. As production company, 4Hoog offers a place where they get the chance to do research and build up practical experience. Frans Van der Aa coaches every 4Hoogproduction. While coaching, the artistic individuality of the creators is also guaranteed. Van der Aa functions more as a reflection point. The artistic vision of the creator gets confronted with the expertise of Van der Aa and 4Hoog. The creator shouldn’t lose himself but should be challenged and stimulated.

“Quality! No, top quality! That’s what we aim for. Every single time. We do not quit before it’s done. “ (Frans Van der Aa, July 2011)

 Since its foundation, 4Hoog has made 30 productions (check archive www.4hoog.beEvery year there are about 200 performances programmed, both school and family performances. In recent years, 4Hoog started working more and more on an international scale. We perform in the Netherlands, France, Luxemburg and other countries. For this purpose texts were translated (for the performances with language). Especially De Koning zonder Schoenen (The King without shoes, 2007), KEIK (2010) and Wanikan (2012) are big international successes.