KEIK is a musical journey into the four seasons.

A big screen and two pianos on the scene. Image and music. A tango in the woods, a storm of birds, a giant pianist and an egg! Live piano music leads us to a magical world. A world in front and behind the curtain. Easy on the eye and the ear. KEIK is a nonverbal performance for young and old.



Tracking down the bird

Through the pouring rain,

Victim of the wind,

Searching for a tree

For a nestless egg

Behind the field

Of melting snow.

We see all at once.




From and with Dounia Mahammed, Thomas De Smedt, Jonas Baeckeland, Stijn Engels, Maarten Schuermans, Stan Vangheluwe, Merijn Bruneel, Kathleen Moers, Charlotte Debussche, Frans Van der Aa and a film by Blauwhuis




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